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Why are customer-centric Web site design so important, yet is so difficult to accomplish?

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Imagine browsing a popular web site when one of the side advertisements displays an interesting item for purchase and at a cheap price. Now imagine your frustration as you are redirected to their business website, but the website you encounter is cumbersome and very difficult to navigate. Perhaps there were a few more items you were looking to buy, alas, the revenue lost to the company for having a poorly designed web page that it made it difficult to traverse. Anyone can build a web site for someone to purchase something, but the trick is to design and manage the web site where people will continually come back. Building an efficient customer-centric web site takes more than just a web site administrator or engineer. A specialized team that ...

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This solution explains why customer-centric website design is so important in an example and also discusses the difficulties in designing such a website.

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Master Rubric Checksheet


Criteria Elements
1. Problem Identification Topic/Problem:
___Clear statement of topic
___Key problem(s) identified
___Sustained throughout paper

2. Argument Development Argument:
___Collection/presentation of research
___ Analysis of research to support the topic
___ Detailed and thoroughly developed

3. Supporting Evidence Supporting evidence:
___Good detail/specificity throughout the paper,
___Directly related to problem/topic
___From a credible source

4. Conclusions Conclusions/Recommendations:
___Address key problems identified
___Follow logic of supporting evidence

5. Consistency with Codes or Universal Ethical Principles Student Code of Conduct/Universal Ethical Principles:
___States code/principle used
___Code/principle consistently applied in analysis
___Recommendation(s) consistent with code/principle used

6. Logical Organization

___Clear Introduction
___Smooth transitions & flow
7. Mechanics Grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other mechanics
__3 errors per page average
__2 errors per page average
__1 error (or less) per page average

8. Writing Writing:
___Appropriate business language.
___Sources are properly cited.
___Appropriate style (formal/informal) and tone (negative/positive)

9. Visual Appearance Appearance:
___Appropriate formatting for tables, graphs, and figures.
___Title page if appropriate.
___Followed directions

10. Disciplinary
Disciplinary Characteristics
___Word choice appropriate to the discipline.
___Vocabulary shows business understanding.
___No slang.

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