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Why are customer-centric Web site design so important, yet is so difficult to accomplish?

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Imagine browsing a popular web site when one of the side advertisements displays an interesting item for purchase and at a cheap price. Now imagine your frustration as you are redirected to their business website, but the website you encounter is cumbersome and very difficult to navigate. Perhaps there were a few more items you were looking to buy, alas, the revenue lost to the company for having a poorly designed web page that it made it difficult to traverse. Anyone can build a web site for someone to purchase something, but the trick is to design and manage the web site where people will continually come back. Building an efficient customer-centric web site takes more than just a web site administrator or engineer. A specialized team that ...

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This solution explains why customer-centric website design is so important in an example and also discusses the difficulties in designing such a website.

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Business Plan Example with Website for Financials Templates

Pretend that you would like to open your own new business. Create and refine your business concept, define the market potential, and create a well-developed business plans. Define the market (through industry analysis and target market description), describe the products and services as well as organization and management, develop a strategy for marketing and sales, estimate start up costs with sources of funding requirement, develop financial statements (estimates) for their business to enable them to launch the business. The goal is to create a formal business plan suitable for submitting to a potential investor, bank or lending institution, or venture contest.
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 Executive summary
 Mission statement
 Business objectives
 Company description
 Description of staffing (key Personnel)

 Analysis of the real industry
 Analysis of the virtual enterprise industry
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o Product
o Price
o Placement
o Promotion
o Target market
o Market segmentation

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Strengths & Weaknesses
 External Audit:
Opportunities & Threats
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the firm (as relevant
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o Stores products
o Distributes products/service

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 1-Year projected cash flow
 Break-even analysis
 Explanation of financials
 The projections that support
the business plan

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