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    Web Sites - Exemplary Design Features

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    Need to locate two web sites that is exhibit exemplary design features.
    why select these two web sites.
    what design features stand out on each site?
    Are these features unique to the websites selected or are they used by thier competitors or similar sites?
    Are these design features used to be visual appealing or promote usablilty?
    How can usability be determined?
    200 words.

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    Websites with Exemplary Design Features

    • Need to locate two web sites that exhibit exemplary design features.

    Two sites that offer exhibit exemplary design features:
    a) Kay.com [1]
    b) Tiffany.com [2]

    • Why select these two web sites.

    There are many sites which have exemplary design features. But I selected these two sites primarily due to two reasons. These two sites are E-commerce websites, and in the Jewellery and Diamond sector, E-Commerce is gradually picking up. Design plays an important part in these sites as it is quite essential for websites in this sector to concentrate on design as it plays a vital role in attracting prospective customers.

    The second reason is that these two companies are competitors and it is quite useful to make a comparative analysis of these two web sites.

    • What design features stand out on each site?

    a) Kay.com has quite an aesthetic look and feel. ...

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