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Layout Grid and Design Sketch

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Module 5, you are to continue to work with the tutorial at Webmonkey.com. Please read through Lesson 5 [4], and follow its steps for creating chapter 5 of your design document:

Layout Grids
Design Sketches and Page Mock-ups
This part of the tutorial concludes:

"You are almost done. You just need to document the visual design of the site. Create a new chapter in your design document called Visual Design. Document the layout grids, and be sure to include the diagrams you made. Compile the design sketches, and add those, as well as the pictures of the page mock-ups, to the document. Include snapshots from the Web-based prototype, if you can. The design document is now complete, providing a thorough description of the site's design. It will be useful in constructing the site, for adding content, and in revising the site when the time inevitably comes."

Please submit your entire Design Document - all five parts, including revised versions of any or all of your first four parts, as well as this new part -- in report form as your SLP 5 assignment.

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Step 1
The lay out grids are presented in Excel. There are two grids. These are templates that describe web pages. Both the grids contain the brand, the banner, global navigator bar, the title, content, and the Footer. The rectangle ...

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This solution explains layout grid, design sketch, and page mock up. The sources used are also included in the solution.

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