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    Java program to find a path between two points in a grid

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    Based on the queue data structure and operations, write a Java program that allows to find a path from the start pin to the end pin for the grid shown in the attachment. Your program should print the path.

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    Java compiler and Java version 1.7.0_21 were used during development and testing of the attached program 566291-Grid.java . Please renamed 566291-Grid.java as Grid.java before you compile and execute the program.

    Here is how you can compile and run the program at ...

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    The response includes instructions on how to compile and execute the attached Java program on commandline. It prints the path (if any exists) between start and finish pins as a string of grid location coordinates separated by arrows. It provides two variants of the solution - one that prints the path as "->" separated (x,y) pairs, and another that depicts the path in a character grid layout.