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    Java program for contouring images

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    I am trying to write a program in Java that will be able to recognise the contour of an image. An image is a two-dimentional table of boolean values (true=black, false=white), and the contour is the list of points which form the outer edge of the image.

    Two files are attached. The first is my class Image, and the second is a test class which tries it out on an example. As you can see if you execute my program, I get a list of points and directions, but they are not quite correct.

    I think there are only small changes to be made, and I would be very grateful if you could show me what to change so that it works properly.

    Thanks for your help!

    PS - In order to compile and execute the attachments, you have to change the name of the files from Image.txt to Image.java, and from Test.txt to Test.java. I had to save them as .txt, otherwise Brainmass wouldn't allow me to attach them!

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    1. Boundaries must be checked to eliminate a possible direction (and more importantly, to prevent an error in the array numbering)
    2. Will the contour lines always make right angle turns? If not, ...

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    Java programming for contouring images are analyzed. The contour lines for Boolean value tables are determined.