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    Java Programming: Simple class hierarchies

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    I need help to implent implement the four classes:

    class DataItem; partially implemented abstract base class of hierarchy; defines data members for common data elements; provides common functionality;
    class PictureDataItem; concrete class for Image based data items;
    class SoundDataItem; concrete class for Sound based data items;
    class TextDataItem; concrete class for Text based data items;

    Tracer statements.
    Can you incorporate tracer statements in a the methods of the classes that you write.


    For more information theres a readme.txt

    The main Java framework code is supplied, I need help!!!!!!!!! to implement the
    DataItem hierarchy.

    Driver program.
    Creates the other elements, displays GUI.

    java A2 data.txt
    where data.txt is data file with text defining the background picture
    and the various data items.

    Code that deals with user inputs via mouse (mouse motions
    and mouse clicks). These results in calls to A2Model where
    check if mouse in an active region and respond appropriately.

    A very simple GUI - canvas in scrollpane (AWT library).

    The data! An instance of this class will own an image (the
    background image for the display) and a collection of data items.
    It has an input function that reads the lines in the data file
    that specify the type of the next data item; the appropriate item
    is created (Java 'reflection' style) and told to read its data.
    The input function builds the collection of items. The other functions
    in this class perform tasks like checking whether a data item
    has been clicked, and choosing an appropriate cursor.

    Code to create cursors from GIF images and make these
    available by name.

    Uhm - well actually you have to write this; this "code" is

    Display area linked to underlying data - arranges that data
    is drawn at appropriate times. (Here, the data is just the
    background image)

    See TextDialog, but this is for pictures

    Intended for use from the display function in TextDataItem
    Constructor takes reference to "frame", a title, and a Vector<String>
    collection of text; should create a new TextDialog, make it visible,
    it will display until its window closed.

    Directory with a few "GIF" images that could be used for cursors
    Also a place to put own images

    Place to put sound files

    Dummy file providing some suggestion as to form of a data file

    File with names and references to cursor gif files

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