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Java (Command Line) Competency Checks

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Java (Command Line) Competency Checks

1. Write, compile and run a standalone Java application that displays an output line on the console.

2. Write a simple Java program that incorporates at least three best practices for making your code readable and understandable by yourself and others.

3. Write, compile and run a Java program that declares variables for each of the eight Java primitives. Assign a value to each of the variables in your program and then print each of the nine values using System.out.println.

4. Write, compile and run a Java program that includes a main() method. In addition to main(), include another method in your program (in that same class) that you will call from within the body of your main method.

5. Write, compile and run a Java program that demonstrates an if/then/else structure. In this same program, demonstrate the use of the Java switch statement with an int variable.

I need to understand the concepts for these competencies. Please help in anyway possible. They need to be VERY, VERY simple. Just a few lines of code is enough for each program. That will do nicely. PLEASE comment out each line of code so that I know what the code does. Keep things very basic! Nothing fancy! However I need to understand the concepts of the competency as I will be asked to demonstrate them. If you want to provide links so I can study the concepts for each program written then that would work as well. That will help me understand the nuts and bolts of the programs and what they do. However you feel it best to teach the concepts so I can learn them.

Also I would like you to talk about the problems you had doing them. That actually would help out the most. Thank you for your time and consideration. =)

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The expert examines Java competency checks. Standalone Java applications are provided.

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