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I need a Java program source code to process a 3-digit palindromic number. A
palindromic number is any number which has the same value when
read from either direction. The way to solve the problem (by hand)
is as follows:
· Write down any 3-digit number.
· Reverse the digits in the original number and write them under
the original number.
· Add the two numbers.
· If the number is a palindrome, stop.
· If the number is not a palindrome, reverse the digits of the sum
and write them under the sum.
· Add these two numbers.
· Repeat this process until you get a palindrome.
· The number of times that you had to add in order to reach the
palindrome is the palindrome order of your original number.

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Java is emphasized.

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The code is in the attached file. I assume the following:
<br><br>1. Only integers will be input
<br><br>2. The program runs from within Java, not from the command line
<br><br>The code includes one class called Palindrome with three methods:
<br><br>Method one checks if an integer is a ...

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