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    Java and Other Programming Languages

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    Please address the following:
    What are the major differences between Java programming language and any other language? List and discuss three items. What are some applications that are well suited for Java? Explain why this is so.

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    To answer your question briefly:

    The major differences between Java and other procedural languages is that Java is a completely Object Oriented Programming Language (OOPL). Some of Java's characteristics include OOPL, Security and Portability.

    OOPL is the way of viewing a problem from an object point of view. The program is made up with objects which have characteristics or properties, interfaces through which other objects can communicate and pass ...

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    This solution is comprised of a response of about 280 words, discussing the Java application and the benefits of this program in comparison to others, such as C++. Although this is brief discussion, it presents some useful information.