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I need assistance on java compilers

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I need assistance with the following.

There are Java compilers and interpreters. Write 1 page on compilers and interpreters (2-3 paragraphs on each topic). You must include the following:

- Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of compilers and interpreters.
- When would you use each?
- Pick a problematic situation that you think a Java program can solve or make easier.
- Explain the problem and then write the pseudo code for it

Use Word to prepare this assignment. Be sure that you include pseudo-code and not Java code.

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Solution Summary

The complete solution contains 1000+ words answer along with references. It first explains the difference between a Java compiler and an interpreters and then explains various advantages and disadvantages of both. In short, compilers translate java program into bytecode while interpreters execute the bytecode. The solution also provides a pseudo-code of a problem to help explain how java programs can be useful.

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1. Introduction

The term Java compiler refers to a program which translates Java language source code into the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) bytecodes, whereas, the term Java interpreter refers to a program which implements the JVM specification and actually executes the bytecodes [1]. A Java compiler compiles source files (.java) to bytecode files (.class) and a Java interpreter reads and executes the bytecodes in the class files [1]. Both the Java compiler and the Java interpreter have their own advantages and disadvantages and they have their own usage environment.

2. Description

The Java interpreter has its own set of advantages which makes it convenient to use that kind of situation. The main benefits of using Java interpreter are:
o Super portability - By using the interpreter, Java gets around the limitation of compatibility with other platforms by inserting its virtual machine between the application and the real environment (computer + operating system). If an application is compiled to Java byte code and that byte code is interpreted the same way in every environment then we can write a single program which will work on all the different platforms where Java is supported [2].

o Extraordinary security - Using the interpreter, Java prevents downloaded applets from doing anything destructive by disallowing potentially dangerous operations. Before allowing the code to run it examines the code for attempts to bypass security. It verifies that data is used consistently: code that manipulates a data item as an integer at one stage and then tries to use it as a pointer later will be caught and prevented from ...

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