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    How to Design Company Logos in PowerPoint

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    The Learning Company is dedicated to the design and development of instructional software that helps college students learn software applications. You need to design four new logos for the company that incorporate the new company slogan: Software is a snap! The marketing group will decide which of the four designs looks best. Create your own presentation slides, but assume that the company colors are blue and green.

    Sketch your logos and slogan designs on a piece of paper. What text and graphics do you need for the slides? (This step is optional and won't be turned in, but it is a good idea to do a sketch.)

    Start PowerPoint, create a new blank presentation, and save it as "Software.pptx".

    Create four different company logos, each one on a separate slide. Use the shapes that are available in the Shape Styles gallery that appears when you select Shapes from the PowerPoint ribbon, and enter the company slogan using the Text Box tool. (Hint: Use the Title only layout.) The logo and the marketing slogan should match each other in tone, size, and color; and the logo objects should be grouped together on each slide to make it easier for other employees to copy and paste.

    Format the fill color, line color, and fonts appropriately using the commands on the Formatting and Drawing toolbars.

    Create at least one arrow object using the Arrow button and one line object using the Line button on the Drawing toolbar.

    Use the Line Style button and Dash Style button on the Drawing toolbar to format objects.

    Format an arrow object with the Arrow Style button on the Drawing toolbar.

    Spell check, view the final slide show, and evaluate your presentation.

    Note 1: Do not use clip art or pictures.

    Note 2: Generally logos are not too large in size and are rather "compact". Most company logos are composed of text and shapes. Here are a number of logo designs that might be helpful in demonstrating this point: http://www.biz-logo.com/logo-examples.shtml. There should not be excessive white space between different elements of the logo design.

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