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    Compare and Contrast Buying Products Online

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    Details: Books and computer-software products sell effectively on the Web. Publishers and third parties sell both from sleek Web sites all over the world.
    Interview a consumer from each of the following age groups:
    18-25 years old
    26-45 years old
    46 years or above (you may vary the ages slightly)

    Determine which they purchase more of online: books or software.
    Then, address the following questions:
    Do they prefer buying from Web sites and having products delivered?
    Is shopping at a bricks and mortar establishment preferable?
    Do they do a little of both: online shopping and bricks and mortar?

    Compare and contrast responses. What are the implications for sellers?

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    Answer to your posting:

    Through my research I discovered how each of the age groups (18 - 25 years old, 26 - 45 years old and 46+ years old) were so different in their own ways with regard to how purchases are made and where they are made. In this assignment I am going to discuss my research through my interviews with each of the age groups and how each are related or unrelated. In addition, I am going to discuss what the implications are for sellers when targeting specific age groups within their marketing strategy.

    I began my research by interviewing a 24 year old female and asking four specific questions through my survey: (1) Do you buy more books or software online, (2) Do you prefer buying from Web sites and having products delivered, (3) Would you prefer shopping at a bricks and mortar establishment (e.g. Wal-Mart Super Center, Best-Buy store) over online shopping, and (4) Do you shop at a little of both: online and at a bricks and mortar establishment? This first surveyed individual provided the ...

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    In this posting I have taken all four questions and surveyed three individuals in each of the categories in your posting. I provided their answers and explanations they provided during the interviews. In addition, I provided comparison and contrasts of the responses and the implications for sellers in today's technology age. 773 words.