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    This post addresses consumer purchases of books and software

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    Books and computer-software products sell effectively on the Web. Publishers and third parties sell both from sleek Web sites all over the world.

    Interview a consumer from each of the following age groups:

    18-25 years old
    26-45 years old
    46 years or above (you may vary the ages slightly)

    Determine which they purchase more of online: books or software. Be sure to find out reasons behind their answers.

    Then, address the following questions:

    Do they prefer buying from Web sites and having products delivered?
    Is shopping at a bricks and mortar establishment preferable?
    Do they do a little of both: online shopping and bricks and mortar?
    For your post, compare and contrast responses. What are the implications for sellers (3 paragraphs total for the post)?

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    The consumers interviewed from each age group were a 20 year-old, a 38 year-old, and a 47 year-old. The 18 year-old purchases more books online than software, because the books were being purchased for their first year of college classes, and the student was able to find the books cheaper online. The student bought no software online. The 38 year-old made more online purchases of software than books, and the software purchased was for both personal and business use, in their accounting profession. The 47 year-old purchased no software online but did purchase books online, and several books were in a digital format for the person's Amazon Kindle e-book reader.

    All three people interviewed preferred buying their books and software online. The 20 year-old who didn't purchase any ...

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    The solution addresses each question presented in the survey regarding the consumer purchases of books and computer-related software products. All questions are fully addressed in the solution.