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    Empirical Scholarly Journal Article Critique

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    Consider the following questions in your analysis clearly, succinctly, and in your own words.

    Be sure to support your statements with thorough explanations and cited references.

    Your critique will include the following:

    1. Bibliographic Entry for the article in APA format. (Do not copy the whole reference list. Simply create a reference list entry for your article.)

    2. Start with a summary of the article. This does not mean copy word for word or explain every detail. No direct quotes should be included.

    3. Question being investigated and why the authors think it is interesting.
    4. Hypothesis being tested, and how it was operationalized (i.e., methodology: independent and dependent variables, control conditions, etc.)

    5. Summary of the findings, and how the authors interpreted them

    6. The conclusions presented by the authors.

    7.. Discuss the merits as well as deficits of the article:

    8. Do you think that they asked the question right, and is it an interesting question?

    9. Is the hypothesis testable, and does the operationalization make sense? Were the independent and dependent variables well-chosen?

    10. Was the report of the findings complete and clear? Do you agree with the interpretations? Why or why not.

    11. Was there enough support for the conclusions?

    12. Making connections: Does the article add to knowledge in the field?

    13. Is it well-balanced or is there bias in the findings?

    14. Are there unanswered questions in your mind?

    15. What future research would you suggest and why?

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    The aim of this paper is to evaluate the impact of different consumer and product characteristics on adoption of e-commerce in Indian consumers. The primary data collected throughout this study through survey was quite helpful in identifying that some of the consumer and product characteristics significantly influence consumer adoption of e-commerce. This article has important implications for marketers that without giving adequate attention to consumer and product characteristics, it is not possible to design effective marketing strategies.
    Questions Investigated
    Question investigated in this paper is "what is the impact of various consumer and product characteristics on adoption of e-commerce among consumers in India".
    This topic is being considered interesting from authors because of the increasing popularity of e-commerce as a tool to market goods and services. Due to this, several authors have shown interest in this field so that an overall understanding regarding the use of e-commerce adoption can be attained.
    Hypothesis being tested and how it was operationalized
    Impact of consumer and product related antecedents on consumer adoption of e-commerce is being tested with the primary research through survey. Dependent variable of the study is consumer adoption of e-commerce that has been operationalized through two scales: consumers' 'past online shopping frequency' and 'future online shopping intentions'. On the other hand, four demographic and six other consumer characteristics constitute independent variables. All hypothesis developed regarding different antecedents are controlled through the use of different conditions and scales.
    Summary of the Findings and its Interpretation
    The findings of this article depict that it is important for e-vendors to provide satisfaction to their e-customers. If customers are satisfied with their past online shopping experiences, they are more likely to get indulge in online shopping. With this article, it is identified that education, gender, recreational shopping orientation and income are the key variables that impacted decisions of Indian consumers in past to engage in online shopping. The findings of the article depicted for attaining greater acceptance of e-commerce, e-tailers need to put significant emphasis on fun and enjoyment aspects of the medium use for online shopping.
    Conclusion presented by the Authors
    The article undertaken was quite helpful in ...

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    Empirical scholarly journal article critiques are examined.