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Pay levels and organizational performance

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I need to locate a scholarly, peer-reviewed article regarding how an employee's compensation can influence his/her behaviour on the job and an article critique.

I need to include:
• The main topic/question of the article
• The author's intended audience
• A discussion of what appears to be valid or invalid in the article
• A determination of whether or not you agree with the author's assertion and an explanation as to why you do or do not agree
• A discussion of whether or not an employee's behaviour can be affected by his/her compensation and why you believe this to be so

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For example: The effects of pay level on organization-based self-esteem and performance: A field study. Academic Journal By: Gardner, Donald G.; Van Dyne, Linn; Pierce, Jon L. Journal of Occupational & Organizational Psychology. Sep2004, Vol. 77 Issue 3, p307-322 Retrieved from Ebscohost dabatas.

The main topic/question of the article:
The primary objective and topic within the article is how it's imperative for organizations to attempt to understand how and why pay level influences the behaviour of their employees. Quintessentially, the researchers are asking how and why pay levels influence employee behaviour in organizations. Therefore, the main topic of the article is an examination of the motivational impact that pay levels on employee performance. By utilizing literature reviews that show substantially more evidence that positive outcomes such as higher subsequent performance are more likely when pay increases are made contingent than when pay increases are not contingent on performance, the ...

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Pay levels and organizational performance