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Organizational Incentive Plans

Task: Examine how an organization's incentive plans relate to organizational objectives. Evaluate how the incentives plans do, or do not, help the organization to achieve its goals and objectives. Complete with references.

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Organizational incentive plans directly impact the achievement of organizational objectives in today's business environment. Incentive plans, if implemented in an effective manner, create a healthy and progressive atmosphere for organizational employees, thereby boosting their motivation and morale levels which, in turn, significantly enhances their productivity, efficiency and loyalty towards the organization. Incentive plans, thus, help in achieving ambitious objectives and goals of the organization.

The right incentive plan properly implemented can drive your business ahead like a rocket ship.Years ago the only employees who offered incentive pay were sales personnel, piece workers, and top executives. Today most large corporations, and many smaller firms, offer an incentive package to all of their employees.

Some kind of incentive pay is an important part of any compensation plan. Incentive pay shows appreciation and creates a sense of participation in the company's well-being that straight salary dollars, no matter how large, don't convey. A well-designed incentive-pay plan can also help pull people together, help point them in the direction you want them to go, and give that extra push that every company needs in today's competitive environment.

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