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What is Empirical Research -- Finding Scholarly Articles

Need help finding a scholarly journal article for business class.

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Finding scholarly or peer-reviewed research articles is critical for many research projects. Instructors may often tell you to find empirical research. It helps to start with a few basic terms:

1) What is empirical research? The term "empirical research" means that the research was based on scientific and detailed study of the topic, often by academic professors or graduate students. There are two types of research that are most popular -- quantitative and qualitative research. Quantitative research usually reports on numbers and calculations of data that was collected during surveys, for example, while qualitative research digs into the opinions or experiences of participants and attempts to build theories from those opinions.

2) What are scholarly or peer-reviewed research articles? These types of articles are different than newspaper, online magazine, or website ...

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Internet and online library searching can be very confusing, particularly when you're looking for articles that are considered "scholarly" or "peer-reviewed." This solution provides some tips and tricks on how to get good results from your library or Internet search.