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Research a Scholarly Empirical Journal Review: Provide Overview, Analysis and Assessment

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Select a scholarly empirical journal article* in Business and craft a response that adheres to the following:

- Paragraph 1: Provide a quick overview of the study.
- Paragraph 2: Analyze the way the research study was completed from an ethical standpoint.
- Paragraph 3: Assess if it was done well or not

Since you are doing research, there must be citations in the body of the post and a reference list at the end. The goal is to apply learned concepts in order to show your understanding. You should steer away from quotations; they do not showcase your knowledge.

What is a Scholarly Empirical Journal Article?

The article must end with a large reference list (more than 10 articles) and will contain citations in the body of the article. The article must describe a primary research study with human subjects. A description of the survey, methodology, data collection, analysis, and conclusions are included in the article.

Please do not use quotes or copy definitions. You must also place a reference list at the end of your work containing the textbook and the articles cited.

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The article I have chosen can be found here: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10551-007-9391-7 for a price, but it is likely that your school system has access to it for free.

With so much interest in business differences between the East and West, this study expands the knowledge already disseminated (Chung, Eichenseher, Taniguchi, 2008). It seeks to identify the acceptable behaviors found by surveying students in four countries, the U.S. and three countries of Confucian practice. Those three are Japan, Peoples' Republic of China, and the Republic of Korea. The study ...

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The response summarizes an empirical business article, looks at the ethics of the methodology and evaluates it in 356 words. In order to follow this solution, you should have access to this article:
Chung, K.Y., J.W. Eichenseher, T. Taniguchi. (2008) Ethical perceptions of Business students: differences between East Asia and the USA and among the "Confucian" Cultures. Journal of Business Ethics 79:121-132

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