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    Peer Reviewing and Downloading Resources

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    I am not sure if I am thinking the right way. I need guidance. I know what to do about the first sentence. I have to explain what is the importance of a peer-review scholarly journal to my professor. the second one I am not to sure. I need to figure out if they are peer-reviewed journals, even though I went to the library and made sure they are peer-reviewed before I download them to my computer. I am confused. I need help.

    ? Write a paragraph explaining the importance of peer-review of scholarly journals to a scholar-practitioner and another paragraph explaining how you know that that the two articles you downloaded are, in fact, from peer-reviewed journals.

    Whitwham, Sarah,Judith McBrian, and Wendy Broom. Should we refer for a dementia assessment? A checklist to help know when to be concerned about dementia in adults with Down sydrome and other intellectual disabilities. British Journal of Learning Disabilities, 39, pages 17-21. Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2010.

    Joseph Piven, and Peter Rabins. Autism Spectrum Disorders in Older Adults: Toward Defining a Research Agenda. The American Geriatrics Society, 2011.

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    The main importance of peer-review process of scholarly articles for a scholar-practitioner is that it establishes a strong credibility for the article as experts in the field review and provide their opinion on the article. It ensures that the published article reflect strong scholarship in ...