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    Digital Downloads and Compression Effect's on Society

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    Please provide information on how digital downloads/media and digital compression effect's society. I need to follow the outline below. I'm running out of information. I need to analyze the integration of a computing technology into a specific field from at least two perspectives such as historical, legal, ethical, economic, sociological, aesthetic, or scientific.

    Digital Downloads and Compression Effect's on Society
    I. Introduction
    II. What is digital downloads and digital compression?
    A. How digital downloads and compressed files are used
    III. Where to find digitally downloadable and digitally compressed files
    IV. Pros of digital compression and digital downloading
    V. Cons of digital compression and downloading.
    A. Legal issues involved with digital downloading
    VI. Conclusion.

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    A code is a mapping of source messages (words from the source alphabet alpha) into codeword (words of the code alphabet beta). The source messages are the basic units into which the string to be represented is partitioned. These basic units may be single symbols from the source alphabet, or they may be strings of symbols. For string EXAMPLE, alpha = {a, b, c, d, e, f, g, space}. For purposes of explanation, beta will be taken to be {0, 1}. Codes can be categorized as block-block, block-variable, Variable-block or variable-variable, where block-block indicates that the source messages and codeword are of fixed length and variable-variable codes map variable-length source messages into variable-length codeword. A block-block code for EXAMPLE is shown in Figure 1 and a variable code is given in Figure2. If the string EXAMPLE were coded using the Figure 1 code, the length of the coded message would be 120; using Figure 2 the length would be 30.

    Source message codeword source message codeword
    a 000 aa 0
    b 001 bbb 1
    c 010 cccc 10
    d 011 ddddd 11
    e 100 eeeeee 100
    f 101 fffffff 101
    g 110 gggggggg 110

    Figure 1: A block-block code Figure 2: A variable variable code.

    The oldest and most widely used codes, ASCII and EBCDIC, are examples of block-block codes, mapping an alphabet of 64 (or 256) single characters onto 6-bit (or 8-bit) codeword. These are not discussed, as they do not provide compression. The codes featured in this survey are of the block variable, variable-variable, and variable-block types.
    When source messages of variable length are allowed, the question of how a message ensemble (sequence of messages) is parsed into ...

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    Word document attached explains digital compression, how these files are used and their impact on society.