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    Understanding Digital Downloads and Compression

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    I need information on understanding the inner workings of digital downloads and digital compression. I need to follow the outline below. I'm running out of information. I need to evaluate the role and impact of a computing technology on society.

    I. Introduction
    II. What are digital downloads and digital compression?
    III. What can be digitally downloaded and compressed?
    A. Benefits of digital compression
    IV. How digital compression and digital downloading works
    A. How digital compression works
    a. Benefits of digital compression
    b. Negatives side to digital compression
    B. How digitally compressed files can be used
    V. Conclusion

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    Understanding the inner working of Digital downloads and Compression

    I. Introduction: All of these sections are placed together...you will need to fill in other necessary data for your assignment.
    II. What are digital downloads and digital compression?
    IV. How digital compression and digital downloading works
    A. How digital compression works

    I.II.IV.A. Digital downloads: This term is somewhat skewed, rather, it should be termed, "downloads" because the only way to "download" is through a digital system because ANALOG downloads are virtually non-existent.

    Answers.com reference that, "In the computer industry, software purchased and downloaded from an online store is called a digital download...The benefit of digital downloads is thus the little time it takes to receive a desired product. The drawback is that the buyer does not get any tangible product (no disc, box or manual, for example)."

    Reference: http://www.answers.com/digital%20download

    I would go further to say that digital downloading refers to retrieving or getting a program, file (music, video or any other software), or information from one source to a user's machine. An ...

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