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Digital Speech and Video Compression

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1. Name two techniques that are used to compress digital speech, and the resulting compressed speech bit rates.

2. Name two techniques used to compress digital video. Why is compression particularly important for the transmission of digital video signals?

3. What is the modulation used to transmit HDTV signals over the air in US terrestrial broadcasting? What is the transmitted bit rate and the compression method?

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1. ADPCM, adaptive differential pulse code modulation and CELP, code excited linear prediction are two most famous compression techniques. The resulting compressed speech bit rates (for a male speech signal) are:

************ Sample Size Bit Rate Quality Ratio MIPS ...

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This solution describes the techniques for compression of digital speech and the resulting compressed speech bit rates. Also, digital video compression methods are also listed and the type of modulation used to transmit HDTV signals over the air in U.S. terrestrial broadcasting.

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