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Data compression algorithm

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Explain how the data compression algorithm is used by MPEG-2.

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Please find attached helping material on the topic, using which you should be able to easily explain how the compression algorithm is used by MPEG-2. The block-diagram in the document illustrates it.

Mpeg 2 is designed for higher quality video at a bit-rate greater than 4Mbps. It basically defines sever profiles which are aimed at different applications such as:

1. Simple
2. Main
3. SNR scalable
4. Spatially scalable
5. High
6. 4:2:2
7. And multi-view

And within each of these profiles there are 4 different levels. The levels are shown in the table below (see attachment)

The main profile of MPEG - 2 is designed for DVD video; the specification of it allows only four display resolutions:

a. 720 x 480
b. 704 x 480
c. 352 x 480
d. 352 x 240

The last ones are a restricted form of the MPEG-2 Main Profile, at the main and low levels.

However to understand the working of MPEG-2, we need to understand few concepts as explained below.

Interlaced Video

It is a technique of improving the picture quality of a video transmission without consuming extra bandwidth. So in interlace vide each frame ...

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