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    Delta Dental Michigan

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    Review of current database size, partitioning approach and make recommendations based on key attributes. Review data model for opportunities to optimize and make recommendations. Create 3-5 slide deck on Oracle12c features that can be leveraged for large databases, any tiered storage data management to support ILM. Lead DBA discussions with client DBAs and participate in DBA related discussion with team.

    1. Size doesn't matter all that much if the data is managed properly (that is, the data is managed for performance and usability). Small databases that are badly managed can have very slow, sloppy and inconsistent performance.
    2. Opportunities will include making sure we got partitions and that they match the way queries are used. For instance, we don't want partitions on date when all the queries refer to some other column.
    3. New features of Oracle 12c New Features doc.
    4. ILM (Information Lifecycle Management) has been expanded and refined for 12c.
    5. DBA team discussion:
    a. Challenges
    b. Observations
    c. Suggestions
    d. Issues they'd like to see addressed

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    Partitioning Approach
    Partitioning strategy must be one that maximizes benefits while minimizing adverse effects. Oracle 12c provides the most comprehensive set of partitioning strategies which rely on fundamental data distribution methods. Partitioning approach that should be utilized by Delta Dental is composite partitioning with combination of Range and Hash Partitioning.
    Range partitioning
    Data distribution: consecutive range of values. Data tables partitioned by order-date
    Hash partitioning
    Data distribution: internal hash algorithm. Data tables partitioned by customer_id
    New features of Oracle 12c
    Introduces 10th generation of partitioning, enabling customers to take advantage of Oracle Partitioning for their needs
    Differentiates between three types of index- local index, global partitioned index and global non-partitioned index.
    Data pruning can occur on a partition level and even on much finer granularity- zones. For partitioned tables the zone map also contains the ...

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    Report on current situation and recommendations for moving to oracle 12c