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    Air-standard Otto cycle

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    At the beginning of a compression process of an air-standard Otto cycle, p1 = 1 bar, T1 = 290 K, V1 = 400 cm^3. The maximum temperature in the cycle is 2200 K and the compression ratio is 8. How do I determine the mass of air contained in the system, in kg, and the heat addition, in kJ? The internal energy at the end of the isentropic compression is 475.11 kJ/kg.

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    Otto cycle
    The maximum temperature and pressure in an Otto cycle occur at the end of the constant volume heat addition process (state 3).

    At state 1 (beginning isentropic compression)
    T1= 290 K
    P1= 1 bar = 100 kPa
    V1 = 400 cm3 = 0.0004 (m3)
    Also according ...

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