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    department stores vs. websites

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    Describe the supply chain for the business Nordstroms when in a "brick and mortar" environment. Explain how the supply chain was modified from the "brick and mortar" by the three Web sites which include / Nordstroms/JCPenneys/Macy's.

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    STEP 1
    Supply chain of Nordstrom during the brick and mortar period:
    1. Nordstrom used trucking companies for its supplies.
    2. Nordstrom used public warehouses for its supplies;
    3. Nordstrom used freight payment services paid its bills and collected data.
    4. Nordstrom prepared purchase orders on printed forms for suppliers and these were either mailed or couriered to certain manufacturers.
    5. The manufacturer or the supplier would phone or wire the date of shipment and the trucking company through which the goods were being sent..
    6. Nordstrom made payments of invoices through the bank and on the basis of these payments took deliveries from the trucking companies.
    7. If the goods were in public warehouse, Nordstrom would get the delivery after producing the relevant invoice.

    STEP 2
    How the supply chain was modified;
    1. Now there are electronic orders sent to ...

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