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    What Makes Something an e-Business?

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    Please help with the following problem.

    How would you define E-commerce? What makes something an e-Business? Do you think that all brick and mortar businesses must become click and mortar businesses to survive and thrive the rapidly changing Digital Age? Why or why not?

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    E-Commerce can be defined as the pursuit of commercial activities by a business through the electronic medium, primarily through the internet and use of credit cards. A business can exist in a traditional brick and mortar (which is nickname for a physical establishment) and in an electronic environment concurrently - for example, Dell computers can be bought in physical stores as well as ordered online, customised to the user's requirements. This point raises a serious issue indicating the advantage of e-Commerce over traditional brick-and-mortar establishments - ...

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    This solution helps with an e-commerce problem. 333 words and 3 references outline e-commerce/business and discuss the necessity of brick and mortar companies turning their sights this way.