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    Electronic Business: Demand Media Studios

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    Select and research Demand Media Studios. Create a post that:

    - Outlines of the chosen international organization within the context of the E-business area
    - Describes the type of E-business model the company uses
    - Describes how the E-business model of the company aligns with the theories learned in this class
    - Discusses the relevant market influences on the chosen company
    - Uses academic sources to support your research

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    An established international online business is Demand Media Studios. Demand Media is an online media company that specializes in publishing content. Content is this regards relates to both video and articles. The company hires writers who are able to prove that they have what it takes, and a general requirement to be able to join the company is that you are a skilled writer. Writers can write from anywhere in the world, making the firm a reputable international online business.

    There is however one element that potential writers need to be aware of. This is that all content on Demand Studios needs to be related to the United States, unless advised otherwise by the firm. This makes working for ...

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    This solution researches Demand Media Studios and discusses their electronic business.