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Marketing plan for success

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- Discuss an example of how a marketing plan helped make a product or service successful.
- Discuss an example of how decisions in a marketing plan led to failure.
- Analyze what was different in the 2 examples.
- In a marketing plan, objectives are created that can be used to gauge progress.
- Movie studios pay stars a lot of money to star in what they hope is a blockbuster. But as you know, there are lots of box office failures. Consider the following:
- Using an Internet search, find a movie that failed. Provide a quick overview of why the movie was considered a failure.
- Applying what you have learned about the concept of market plans, extrapolate what could have gone wrong in the studio's plan with regard to forecasting demand for the project.

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An example of a marketing plan that helped made a product successful is that of Apple iPhones. The marketing plan begins with the product. The iPhone has features that have appealed to the consumer. These include the touchscreen keyboard, the easy to use operating system, and innovation. The iPhone has easily accessible setting, Safari internet browser, and excellent media device. The price is competitive and Apple lowers the price when required. The distribution through AT&T network and currently through a wider network including Wal-Mart! The promotion of each iPhone launch is preceded by press releases and advertisements. When the launch happens it is really a big event. The advertising supports iPhone.

Step 2
Decisions in the marketing plan of Research in Motion led to its ...

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