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Strategy & Tactics for Sci/Art Kickboxing Studios

What should be included in a strategic plan for a Sci/Art Kickboxing Studio? What strategies and tactics would be important to implement and realize strategic objectives, measures, and targets?

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Strategy & Tactics for Sci/Art Kickboxing Studios
A systematic plan of action to achieve goals and the methods by which you will achieve your plan.

Operational Strategies:
Be operationally efficient.
Gain market share.
Offer best value for kickboxing classes.

Operational Tactics:
Track customers on daily/class/weekly basis
Track finances/account payables/receivables.
Have front desk at front of studio to engage customers.
Track other fitness options to guarantee low price offer.

Marketing Strategies
Generate marketing buzz through flyers at school.
Connect with schools to get children involved in studio.
Create buzz for community outreach.
Develop exhibition opportunities.
Show support for community's health & wellness ...

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