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    Television & Movies 1950s and 1980s - A Symbiotic Relationships

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    Notes 300 words (I don't need APA or references just good notes)

    How did tv affect filmmaking in the 50's and 80's?

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    Television's effect on filmmaking in the 1950's and 1980's

    The 1950's - The Golden Age of Television

    The rise of televisions - Television was such a novelty in the late 1940s and 1950s that it had a profound effect upon people all over the world. Televisions were expensive so the audience consisted of mostly affluent people. Affluent people enjoyed live theatre like Broadway shows so dramatic plays were developed for TV using some of the same Broadway writers like Paddy Cheyefsky. Fortunately, in the U.S. the post war economy was booming and housing and families were growing.
    Between 1949 and 1969 households with TVs rose from one million to forty-four million.
    During this time, the genres we see today were created: comedies, game shows, dramas, news, sports, kids' shows and westerns.
    It was during this time that advertising came into vogue as it grew to attract the post WWII new capitalistic prosperity.


    Movies competed with television and the movie makers were concerned about losing their audience for relatively free airwave entertainment. So they had to work harder at attracting an audience. ...

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    The solution discusses what was influence of television on film-making in the later half of the twentieth century.