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Life on Earth: Interdependence

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All living organisms are dependent upon another at some point during their life cycle. Some of these dependencies are essential to the survival of an organism. Such an intimate dependency is described as a symbiotic relationship.

Can you please describe a symbiotic relationship. Can you please also include the organisms involved, describe how they interrelate, and name the type of symbiotic relationship which you are describing.

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Symbiotic Relationships occur when two organisms live side by side. Symbiosis may be divided into two distinct categories: ectosymbiosis and endosymbiosis. In ectosymbiosis, the symbiont lives on the body surface of the host, including the inner surface of the digestive tract or the ducts of exocrine glands. In endosymbiosis, the symbiont lives in the intracellular space of the ...

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In about 230 words, this solution discusses the concept of symbiosis and provides an introduction to the four different types of symbiotic relationships. Examples for each type of relationship are also provided.