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    Competing Theories for the Origins of Life on Earth

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    Summarize the three (3) current competing theories of the origin of life on Earth: the panspermia theory, the heterotroph theory, and the autotroph theory.

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    A Summary of the Theories of The Origin Of Life

    There are many theories about the origin of life on earth. Some are more credible than others, some may seem silly to the general public. This paper will attempt to briefly explain three of these different theories: panspermia, the heterotroph theory and the autotroph theory.

    Panspermia is the scientific theory which states that life on Earth came from ...

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    This solution lists and summarizes the three currently competing theories for the origin of life on Earth, namely: panspermia, or that life arrived from an extraterrestrial source; the heterotroph theory, that the first organisms on Earth were heterotrophs; and the autotroph theory, that the first organisms on Earth were autotrophs.