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Attachment, intimacy, and belonging

Please briefly summarize the following:

The Concepts of Interdependence relating to intimacy.

The Concepts of Attachment relating to intimacy.

The Concept of Belonging relating to intimacy.

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First, as you relate interdependence concepts to intimacy, I feel that there is a strong degree of behavioral interdependence when people are intimate. For example, a couple's friends, families, social lives, and daily routines strongly intersect. There is a definite chain reaction in how one partner's actions impact the other person. There is also a pervasive sense of social integration where partners share in each other's joys and worries. Issues of emotional reciprocity are also presented.

One article discusses this connection:

Murray, S. L., Holmes, J. G., Aloni, M., Pinkus, R. T., Derrick, J. L., & Leder, S. (2009). Commitment Insurance: Compensating for the Autonomy Costs of Interdependence in Close Relationships. Journal Of Personality & Social Psychology, 97(2), 256-278.

The authors allege how ...

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