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How do social needs motivate behavior?

How do social needs motivate behavior? Abraham Maslow's theory is connected to social needs and examples of how social needs motivate behavior are described.

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Social needs are what make us search out human contact from the time we are born until we die. According to Abraham Maslow and his hierarchy of needs, social needs come after physiological and safety needs. Once we are fed and feel secure then we purposely search out others. Social needs can take the form of family relationships, friendships and intimacy or love relationships.

Family relationships are the first form of social needs that we have. A baby needs to bond with an adult early on or he/she may have problems later in life with relationships. The need for contact, which is a babies' social need, motivates them to cry as their way of communicating this need. Past studies, of children in orphanages, have shown that a babies' crying will diminish over time if they don't get the contact they desire ( social need). ...

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The solution describes how Abraham Maslow's theory leads to social needs and changes in behavior to address these needs. Examples are given for various stages of life.