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Consumer Purchase Behavior: Motivations behind use of service using Maslow

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Consumer Purchase Behavior

I am the business manager of a trendy hairstyle shop in downtown Chicago. As the manager, I am in charge of payroll and paying the bills, hiring and firing, purchasing, training, and customer service. You provide a luxury service, and my average client has different demographics from the rest of the population in the city.

Due to recent competitive developments, I feel the need to learn more about my clients; I specifically want to know how they choose my services over that of the competition. I are aware of the steps in the consumer purchase behavior model and are determined to analyze them in detail.

On the basis of the given scenario, answer the following questions in a Microsoft Word document:

Using Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs model as a backdrop, determine the real motivations behind the use of my service.
What additional social and cultural factors will I consider to analyze my clients' behavior?
I need help in determining what service criteria do I think my clients use to select the type of service I offer?
I need to provide what methods might be useful to encourage loyalty among existing customers?

Cite any sources using the APA format.

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This paper will analyze different aspects of consumer behavior for a trendy hairstyle shop in downtown Chicago that provides luxury services to its clients. It also includes motivational theory, social & cultural factors service criteria and methods to encourage customer loyalty.

Motivational Aspects for Clients

The Maslow's Hierarchy model includes five levels of need such as physiological, safety, social, esteem and self actualization needs (Smoke, 2009). This model is quite beneficial to determine motivational factors to motivate the customers by fulfilling their needs through products and services. The manager of trendy hairstyle shop requires determining the needs of customers to motivate them for using its services.

Customer behavior for any product/service may change time to time. They want a perfect place to fulfill their needs. This hairstyle shop is targeting high class of people with luxuries services. Being a trendy and luxuries shop, customers motivate or attract towards its services due to fulfillment of status and reputation need that increases their social status (Rakowski, 2011). Good status & reputation fulfills consumer's esteem needs that motivate them to purchase the services of trendy hairstyle shop (Pride, Hughes & Kapoor, 2011).

Factors Influencing Consumer Behavior

The manager of hair style shop may attract consumers by analyzing clients' behavior towards firm's ...

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Consumer purchase behaviors for the motivations behind use of service using Maslow is determined. The solution includes more than 5 references and 735 words of content.

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