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    Marketing Management

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    Select TWO products which you have bought (or rented), ONE a High Involvement purchase, and ONE a Low Involvement purchase, in the following product categories:

    HIGH INVOLVEMENT (select ONE from the following four categories):

    A food good,
    A travel-related service,
    A medical service,
    A personal grooming service.

    LOW INVOLVEMENT (select ONE from the following four categories):

    A household cleaning product,
    An automobile-related product (but not an automobile itself),
    A lightbulb,
    A pen or pencil.

    Explain why the first product you chose was a High Involvement purchase and why the second was a Low Involvement purchase.

    Using the stages of the Purchase Decision Process in the model of consumer buying behavior, describe in detail the process you went through in buying each product.

    Identify and discuss the differences between the way you went through the purchase decision processes for the two products.

    Assume now that you are a marketer of both of the two products that you have discussed in the previous pages. Explain how you might use your understanding of the Model of Consumer Buying Behavior for the two products.
    List all references cited in the body of the paper.

    about 1,400 words, four references

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    // This paper deals with answering why the two products are considered under high and low involvement purchases along with the stages involved in the consumer buying process. Also, the use of the model of buying behavior in the marketing of the two selected products is discussed//

    It is significant to first analyze the meaning of the involvement level in the customers' buying behavior before categorizing and choosing the two products under high involvement and low involvement. The level of involvement actually measures the involvement of the buyer in buying the products based on personal, social and economical factors. When a buyer is inclined towards buying a particular product/service, he/she possesses a level of involvement in that product. The products, which are selected under the two categories of high involvement and low involvement, are personal grooming service and light-bulb.

    The reason behind why the personal grooming service is a high involvement purchase is that the high involvement products are usually high priced products and are not the products/services that come under the basic need category, and the personal grooming service is also availed by paying a higher amount of price. It is also a service that is desired by those, who seek luxury in their everyday lives.

    Personal grooming service is a service that involves a single time investment and it is a general notion that people pay a lot more attention to products that cost more on a single buying occasion. Therefore, we can say that availing the personal grooming service is a high involvement purchase (Reynolds, 2005).

    On the other hand, buying a light-bulb is a low involvement purchase because: firstly, a low involvement product involves a lower cost and it is usually of day to day use. Secondly, the consumers do not put in much research and thinking before deciding upon the purchase of such products. A light-bulb is exactly the product that comes under the category of low involvement purchase, as it neither involves high amount of cost while purchasing it nor it requires the special attention and research on part of ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1434 words with references.