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Interpersonal Relationships and Interdependence - How do these relate to each other?

What is the definition of close relationships? What is the role of interdependence in close relationships?

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An interpersonal relationship can be defined as "an association between two or more people that may range in duration from brief to enduring" (Wikipedia, 2013, para 1). These types of relationships can be intimate, parent-child, business associates, and friendships. Though there is no clear definition of what a close relationship is, I would say that it might be closely related to that of an intimate relationship. This type of relationship involves emotional and physical intimacy. In my own opinion, the emotional attachment between partners (example: husband and wife, life partners) and between parent-child categorizes it as an intimate relationship.

In my experience, ...

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This post will define what interpersonal relationships are and provide some examples of what these types of relationships are and how interdependence plays a role within them. [Over 350 words and 2 references.]