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Personality & Employee Interpersonal Relations

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How can knowledge of each personality factor help a person form better interpersonal relationships on the job? Do you feel personality is important in interpersonal relations? Why or why not?

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Knowledge of each personality factor is important because personality factors play out in human behaviour, so it is more predictable if you are knowledgeable about how different personality factors impact behavior. If, for example, a fellow worker holds certain personality traits that make for a good leader (see attached article), then as a manager you would be wise to consider that person to lead the project, rather than another worker who is conscientious and more interested in the small details of the task. When people are matched on personality traits and job requirements, this also improves interpersonal relationship because job satisfaction leads to more collaborate work effects. A happy and satisfied worker is easy to get along with and more likely to be cooperate collaboratively with others at the interpersonal level. Even if a worker holds what is often referred to "negative' personality traits, it is still helpful to know these traits and how to best respond to this person in order to have better interpersonal relationships on the job (e.g., avoid confrontations and conflict that is often not job related, but personality related, such as a bully or a control junky personality type). There are specific techniques used for these types of personality traits.

Examples: Dealing Effectively w/difficult co-workers

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By discussion andf example, this solution explores the relationship between personality factors and interpersonal relationships on the job, and whether personality is important in interpersonal relations, including why or why not. Supplemented with an infromative article on personality factors.