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Op-Ed: Interpersonal Relations and Group Processes

Give the APA reference for an Op-Ed piece,followed by a brief overview of the issue, and of the author's position on the issue and note whether the argument is descriptive or prescriptive. Then, identify and analyze the issue and conclusion, and describe what indicator words helped you identify them. To conclude your post, describe the relationship between the issue and the conclusion in the Op-Ed piece.

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Op-Ed: Interpersonal Relations and Group Processes


In this article the editors are adopting new initiatives into their daily operation of reviewing and editing copy material for their communication tool of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. With their initiatives, they make a change from the predecessor's method of reviewing and analyzing final copy. In the past the research method used by the journal focused on long and factual data. However, because of new advances in the field of personality psychology, the editors recognize a need that has prompted new advances, and forced the editorial board to reconsider their methods.

Technological advances into methods of research such as neuro-imagery, hormonal and behavioral development, and inquiry are being used as techniques to analyze data. For this reason, they are now advocating for new theoretical and empirical ideas and statistical methods in analyzing behavioral outcomes. For instance, they wish to integrate behavioral ...

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This solution provides an overview of an op-ed on the issue of interpersonal relations and group processes It identifies the issue and conclusion in the sarticle and describe the relationship between the issue and conclusion.