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Sullivan and Klein parallels

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Sullivan and Klein are briefly compared in terms of psychoanalytic strengths and limitations.

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Sullivan and Klein parallels are briefly summarized and cited in this short help guide.

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First, as you assess Klein's theory, she embodies many strengths in her Object Relations Theory. Klein's work emphasizes the value of early child development. She encouraged the emphasis on play therapy as well as the use of free association. Her work is also strong since it validated and extended Freud's theory.

One article heralds her praise:

Shulman, G. (2010). The damaged object: a 'strange attractor' in the dynamical system of the mind. Journal Of Child Psychotherapy, 36(3), 259-288.

The author adds that Klein "drew attention to the critical role of external reality in disconfirming or 'disproving' phantasies and anxieties about damaged objects in internal reality" (259). Klein suggests that 'the psychic reality of the child is gradually influenced by every step in his progressive knowledge of external reality" (261).

This article also ...

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