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Pricing Strategy for Calvin Klein

Need help with developing a pricing strategy for Calvin Klein.

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We at Brainmass can only provide you online teaching assistance and guidance. The attached solution is only a guidance along with references but you can differ in the views, you can be more creative and think differently. Please remember that these notes provide you suggestive academic inputs. As a learner and a future leader, you have great abilities to envision and develop your own pricing strategy. Hope this guidance works for you.
The company is selling designer wear and therefore the strategy of the company will be to charge premium prices and will adopt a premium strategy where the product quality maintained will be superior and the prices charged will be very high. It can be developed as aspiration segment which tend to be the Ultimate Kotler (2004: 472). Ultimate is a segment which shows class and the richest people wish to buy it and belong to that ...

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The solution briefly provides academic inputs to develop the pricing strategy for Calvin Klein. It briefly describes how the company can set its pricing strategy with the help of appropriate references.