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    Presentation notes. Selected organization is Calvin Klein.

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    Create presentation notes on niche marketing and customer involvement for your team-selected organization. Include speaker notes for each of the slides. The presentation should explain the following:

    · Potential target market niches for your selected organization

    · USP strategies involving customer input that could be used by the organization

    · At least three things that could be changed or added based on customer feedback

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    Niche Marketing and Consumer Involvement for Calvin Klein
    Slide 1- Introduction
    • Calvin Klein, Inc. is engaged in the design and marketing of apparel and accessories for women and men.
    • It also offers sportswear; men's tuxedos, tailored and dress shirts; women's dresses, suits; boy's tailored clothing; and underwear.
    • It also offers men's and women's shoes and accessories; upholstery, dining room, bedroom, and occasional furniture; bedding products; and fabrics.
    • In addition, it offers sleepwear, hosiery, socks, jewelry, coats, and fragrances.
    Speaker Note:
    All its products are provided through stores in the Canada, Unites States, Mexico, China, Brazil, France, Spain, Itly, UK, the United Arab Emirates, Korea, Australia, and globally, as well as through different department stores. The company products are produced and marketed through a network of licensing agreements and other arrangements all over the world. The key business strategy of the company is niche marketing (Calvin Klein, Inc., 2012).
    Slide 2 - Niche Marketing and Customer Involvement for Calvin Klein
    • Calvin Klein has prospered by making use of controversial ad campaigns as a marketing tool to draw attention to their clothing and perfume lines.
    • It makes an effective use of niche marketing and Customer involvement to attain success.
    • Its ad campaigns are designed by involving Customers.
    Speaker Note:
    Calvin Klein is a successful company, and its success depends on the use of controversial ad campaigns as a marketing tool to attract customers towards its clothing and perfume lines. It makes an effective use of niche marketing (small segments of a larger market) by involving its customers at a significant level. All its ads campaigns are designed in a way that appeal ...

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