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    Photosynthesis and the Role of Energy

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    How do Organisms Acquire Energy? How Do Organisms Use Energy?

    I have to research Photosynthesis - dark reaction and do a PowerPoint Presentation(at least 8 slides) and notes answering these question.

    What is the purpose of this pathway?
    What are the reactants?
    What are the products?
    What powers or fuels each reaction? In other words, what role does ATP play in each?

    I hope someone can help me with this.

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    Photosynthetic organisms, such as plants and bacteria capture energy in the form of light and use it to convert CO2 into carbon compounds that as forms of stored energy. These organisms are known as autotrophs. Non-photosynthetic organisms, (heterotrophs) such as animals, fungi and non-photosynthetic bacteria, must get their energy form carbon compounds supplied by autotrophs. In a basic sense, all organism ultimately get their energy from the SUN! Here is a basic diagram of how photosynthesis and respiration are coupled.

    Both autotrophs and heterotrophs must break down carbon compounds (catabolism) to harness the energy within them so that they can sustain their own metabolism (anabolism). This breaking down process is called respiration and it happens in all organisms, plants, animals, bacteria, etc. The process of photosynthesis is thus the opposite of respiration, taking energy from light and using it to convert CO2 and H2O into organic carbon compounds, such as sugars, while respiration breaks down these organic carbon compounds to CO2 and H2O, releasing energy in the process (aka ATP). You will note in the above ...

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    This solution covers the dark reaction of photosynthesis (Calvin Cycle) and the role energy plays in biological processes.