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Focus on Ambiguity and Negative Rhetorical Techniques

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Give the APA reference for the op-ed piece, followed by a brief overview of the issue and of the author's position on the issue. Then identify and evaluate the effects of ambiguity and negative rhetorical techniques in your chosen Op-Ed piece. If there are no such instances of ambiguous or loaded language, please note that, and explain how the author was able to avoid using such language.

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This solution describes ambiguous and loaded language and rhetorical techniques in an Op Ed on the health care bill.

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Op Ed Focus on Ambiguity and Negative Rhetorical Techniques

(1) Give the APA reference for the op-ed piece, followed by a brief overview of the issue and of the author's position on the issue.


Ginsberg as a chancellor with the West Virginia West Board Regents of Higher Education posits in his Op Ed a view concerning issues associated with the health care bill. For example, according to Ginsberg, the signing of the Health Care Reform bill into law and the opposition to the legislation by republicans has done a lot to boost the popularity of the president. However, it has also provided negative results for republicans in the election. His point is that because of this negative rhetoric, a number of Americans initially opposed the legislation, but have since recognized its benefits and accepted it. (p. 26). For example, the bill's initiatives covered the 'donut hole' in the Medicare prescription programs and prevented insurance companies from denying coverage to people with health problems, pre-existing conditions, and prohibited lifetime coverage limits. In addition, it entitles families with annual incomes under $30,000 to be covered by Medicaid. Subsequently, these initiatives of the president set forth in the health care legislation are praised. In addition, as ...

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