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    Rhetorical Triangle's Focus

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    Use the Internet, library, and unit resources to research each of the following four approaches for developing a presentation:
    - speech or lecture
    - workshop
    - discussion
    - group activity

    1) Explain the reasons why or when you would use each of these approaches.
    2) Describe how the three attributes of the Rhetorical Triangle (speaker, audience, and situation) are utilized in each of the four approaches.

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    The Rhetorical Triangle deals with which aspect of knowledge is important, and what sort of interaction is needed. The ancient Greek interpretation of the Rhetorical Triangle includes these three parts: ethos, pathos and logos, from Web resource URL: http://www.innovateus.net/innopedia/what-rhetorical-triangle. The following explanations come from that Web site:

    Ethos: Ethos is directly related to the speaker and his character. Any writing [or presentation] which is ethos-driven focuses on the author's reputation. Aristotle believed that the speaker's task would become easier if the audience identified with the speaker's credibility. The general perception being that the audience readily believes good men than others. Ethos is the result of an interpretation resulting form the interaction between the speaker and the audience. Ethos refers among other thing various aspects of the speaker relating to his charisma, expertise, height, movement, dress, eye contact, trust, sincerity, grooming and other such qualities that lend credibility to his personality.

    Pathos: Pathos is appeal focusing on psychological state and emotions of the audience. The basic premise here is that when we are in a pleasant mood we are easily persuaded than when we are in a hostile mood. Most advertisement writing takes recourse to pathos ...

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