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Critical thinking: Rhetorical devices in statement

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Isolate and discuss the rhetorical devices that appear in the following passage:

"Trivial pursuit" is the name of a game played by the California Supreme Court, which will seek any nit-picking excuse preventing murderers from receiving justice.

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The 415 word cited solution explains the examples of the rhetorical devices used in the statement.

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Rhetorical devices are techniques that can be used by a speaker or an author to say one thing while actually meaning another. They are often used as a way to sway the audience towards a certain perspective, emotion or attitude. There are many types of rhetorical devices, but the more common ones are irony, metaphor, oxymoron, paradox, alliteration and simile. Use of these devices has been mastered by famous orators and philosophers from ancient to modern times.


The use of rhetorical devices usually falls into three general categories. There are those that involve:

1. Emphasis, association, clarification, and ...

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