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    Critical Analysis

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    I need help identifying in the attached article the following: The premise and conclusion of the argument. If there was any noted vagueness in the article. Any example of bias in the article and rhetorical devices as well as identifying and naming the fallacies if any.

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    Premise: Divorce damages children's lives, even into adulthood.

    Conclusion: Divorce is a remedy for adults, but it is a loss of family for a child, one that they will never regain.

    Vagueness: The author very rarely backs her opinion with information from sources. Also, when discussing the California no-fault divorce law, he/she states, "The law was written as a result of several task forces the last one headed by a woman who was a leading feminist and law professor," never stating who this person was, just that she was a feminist (another biased perspective).

    Bias: The author is clearly against ...

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    This analyzes an article for the premise and conclusion of the argument, vagueness, bias, rhetorical devices, and fallacies.