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    Rhetorical Triangle

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    Imagine you have been asked to prepare a presentation with speaker's notes on the Rhetorical Triangle

    Audience: Fifty students who have neither seen the Course Materials nor read the readings for this unit.

    Topics: The Rhetorical Triangle, the speaker, the audience, the situation

    Rhetorical Triangle: The dynamic relationship among the speaker, the audience, and the situation is known as the Rhetorical Triangle. The rhetorical triangle is comprised of three primary elements: the speaker, the audience, and the situation. The shape and form of a presentation is driven by these three primary elements.

    The Speaker: The actual individual speaking
    The Audience: Who will actually be attending in addition to those who may not be present but will be influenced by or have access to the content of the presentation
    The Situation: The purpose of the presentation as well as the location and the social/cultural backdrop of the presentation.
    Create a simple 5-10 slide PowerPoint presentation with speaker's notes that will relay the key points of the Rhetorical Triangle to students who do not know anything about the rhetorical triangle. Your presentation should contain the following elements:

    Bulleted lists or Numbered lists
    Appropriate Slide Background

    Be sure to use APA formatting to cite your sources in the slides and to develop your References list.

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