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    the company's marketing agenda

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    Analyze two different ad campaigns for the same product as well as two campaigns for a similar, competing product. Your mission is to find the common ideology that links each of these sets of marketing campaigns together and make an argument about the company's marketing agenda (beyond the obvious one to sell a product). Do this for each of the companies. Consider what audience the campaigns are targeting. What image are they trying to create for themselves through the campaign? Do you find these commercials (arguments) effective? How do they incorporate rhetorical appeals into their marketing? (pathos = emotion; logos = logic; ethos = authority). Pair them together and see what (if any) arguments they are making against one another. How do their demographics (audiences) differ? How are they the same?

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    I think I may be able to help you with your question. One way to do this is to choose advertisements for two competing products, like Gatorade and another energy drink. The following is one way you might approach the assignment.

    What your teacher is asking you to do is a RHETORICAL ANALYSIS of the advertisement.

    Here are the steps you need to take: Lets say you're looking at ads for smoking, but any product will work. Cars, boats, fashion, you name it. When you begin to ANALYZE two products, you should have no trouble with coming up with at least 7 pages. ...

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    A company's marketing agenda is assessed in this posting. Two different ad campaigns for the same product are analyzed.